Oppaira’s Favourite Pairs of Active JAV Actress Boobs

by admin

Hey guys, Oppaira here with a list that honestly I’m surprised I’ve never done. Honestly if there was one list you would have thought I’d done it would be this one. I think part of why I’ve never done it is that I know I’m incredibly biased to massive boobs and surely some people will complain how obsessed I am. To that, I say huge tits are love, huge tits are life. The other side of it is, well, it’s just so hard to pick when there’s so many incredible pairs out there. With that said, I’ve finally narrowed it down to 10 pairs (and honestly who knows, maybe I’m still wrong about this). Either way, here are 10 pairs of boobs from active actresses that are absolutely incredible, in no particular order.

For the sake of this post I’ve only included active actresses, which I’ll define as anyone who has had a release in the past four months.

Hana Haruna

Hana Haruna is thick with a capital K but I don’t mind her body when it comes with the wonderful pair of boobs she has. For how big she is and how big those boobs are, they manage to be surprisingly full and saggy at the same time. You can look at them in cowgirl and see them look quite full as they bounce, or see them in missionary and jiggle as much as the best saggy pairs. Hana might not be one of my favourite actresses but I’ll be damned if that pair of tits isn’t one of my favourites right now.

Hana Himesaki

Have you ever looked at a pair of tits and wondered if they were a bit too perfect? If so they might have been Hana’s pair. They’re very big but also insanely full, the kind that makes you second guess yourself. The way they have this perfect motion in missionary is pretty mesmerizing. What’s makes it all the more insane is how they look when she’s just standing there, looking as full and perky the way boobs her size simply don’t look. I’m not saying they’re perfect but at the same time I’m not not saying that. One look at her pair and you’ll be hooked.

Hikaru Nagi

Hikaru is someone who’s tits I’ll admit took a little bit of a time to grow on me. Their shape was a little bit unusual and I found myself questioning exactly how much I enjoyed them. The answer is clearly a lot if they managed to make this list. Them being as big as they are is certainly a big reason to enjoy them as much as I do and you can see just how incredible they look when they’re bouncing in your face. They also manage to look quite nice in a lot of angles and S1 always manages to do great camera work in their videos. Without a doubt these are an awe-inspiring pair.

Mako Oda

Trust me when I say this: Mako Oda has some absolutely fantastic breasts. I’m someone who enjoys both saggy and more full pairs but there’s always an ideal ratio of the two that Mako just hits perfectly. When you look at them in doggy they hang quite nicely and have great shape, but in missionary they still manage to look very full. They’re also definitely real and every bit as incredible as they seem, especially on someone as small and slim as Mako is. Certainly a fantastic pair worth writing home about and someone I hope who can get some better opportunities in the future.

Mei Washio

Say what you want about Mei as a performer or the content she has over at S1 but whatever you do make sure you mention her incredible tits. She has these fantastically big and full tits that make you come back for more. The way they bounce around and still look incredibly full (perhaps even too full) is just a sight to behold. I also love how big and juicy her nipples are, something you don’t always get that can make a pair not quite as nice as they otherwise would be. Mei definitely has the best pair over at S1 now that Rara is out of the picture and I can only hope they keep getting actresses with pairs even half as incredible as hers.

Miina Wakatsuki

Miina is someone I think is flying very under the radar. She’s much better than I think people give her credit for, although maybe I’m a bit biased because of how stupendous her tits are. They’re not only big but those things move around like they have a mind of their own. I know I’ve been enjoying them for years and they keep holding up as the years go by. Miina is someone who really knows how to take full advantage over the blessing she has and I’ll definitely keep coming back for more.

Momo Minami

Momo Minami might be an underwhelming performer or have a hit or miss career, but if there’s anything keeping things going it’s that incredible pair of tits she has. One of my favourite parts about them is just how huge and full they look without being too firm. You can look at them in cowgirl, see the way they bounce, and think that they won’t jiggle all the well only to find out that they absolutely do when she’s on her back. Definitely a remarkable pair that has me hoping her career and performing can catch up to them.

Nanami Matsumoto

Nanami is an actress I’ve been following since pretty early on in her career, for good reason: a stunning pair of tits. Those things just always manage to look incredible and I’ve always been particularly fond of them in missionary when squishing them together gives them that ever so slight boost. Nanami also knows how to use them pretty well to give some great paizuri, something some bustier actresses have a bit of trouble with. Nanami’s definitely more than just her pair of tits, perhaps more so than any other actress on the list, but if you came for the tits it’s hard to blame you.

Nina Nishimura

Nina Nishimura has some absolute units for tits. That’s thanks to the weight gain she had during the year off she had before joining Madonna. She was always very busty but that weight gain made her go up a size or two and really have those boobs stand out. Those things are very massive with huge pink areola. They just always look super massive whether they’re bouncing in your face, she’s giving you some insane paizuri, or you see them hanging from below. Definitely one of the most astounding pairs around.

Shiori Tsukada

Shiori is an actress people might know for a lot of things: her incredible ass, being a weak performer, perhaps even how pretty she is (at least I think), but I’m sure many people know her for having one incredible pair of tits as well. Shiori is honestly an actress that just defies logic because having a pair of tits that is top 10 worthy while simultaneously having an ass that is top 10 worthy, we’ve found a unicorn. The way she manages to have incredibly full and well shaped boobs that still jiggle around on her back just defies all logic. Absolutely a marvelous pair of boobs.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed my list of favourite pairs of tits. This list has honestly been a really long time coming. There’s just so many incredible huge pairs of boobs that it’s been so hard trying to narrow down to just 10 pairs. I’ve made well over 100 clips of boobs trying to prepare this post but it’s all worth it if I get to share all these lovely pairs of tits with you all.

I’m curious to see what other people think in the comments. Are you like me and enjoy massive pairs? Are you the opposite and you want flat actresses? Or maybe you’re more sensible and want big but not this big? Either way be sure to let us know! This list has also been along time coming, and now that I’ve done it I’ve also got things to do it multiple times over. Let me know as well if you’re interested in more lists like this. I’ve done several for my prettiest or favourite asses, so tits are something I can keep doing if you’re interested in more. Until next time!

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